Selling Your Home

Sellers of homes or property within SCA are required by law to provide disclosure information to prospective buyers.

A resale disclosure request initiates an inspection to be done by the SCA Architectural Review Committee for any covenant or encroachment violations that exist on the property.

The fee for a disclosure packet and inspection is $350.00. Delivery and or expedited fees may apply. Upon receiving your request, the board will mail a disclosure packet within 14 calendar days. The disclosure packet includes a resale disclosure letter, copies of SCA governing documents, SCA financial report, and recent Saratoga Log newsletters.

To begin the resale disclosure process, please complete the Resale Certificate Disclosure Packet Request Form, then email it to or fax it to 703.455.8259.

Payment by check or Zelle is due with the form.

If you have any questions, please contact us.