Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a community outreach program of the Fairfax County Police Department. Simply put, it is a crime-prevention concept that calls for citizens to watch out for their neighbors’ properties. When criminals are aware of Neighborhood Watch, they are less willing to risk detection – they don’t commit the crime or they go elsewhere. Neighborhood Watch program variations include passive observation, walking patrols, and mobile patrols.

Paul Perrone coordinates Saratoga’s Neighborhood Watch Program and is looking to expand our volunteer base for mobile and walking patrols.

Why should you volunteer? Because Neighborhood Watch prevents crime, enhances the reporting of suspicious activities, raises the awareness of crime, serves as a warning to criminals, promotes neighborliness, provides access to crime data, and increases arrests and convictions. You get all this for attending a short, one-time training program that Paul provides, in your home or his, and for conducting at least two patrols a year.

Please join us! It’s easy and fun. And if you’re walking, it’s an excellent way to get your exercise.

Contact Paul Perrone at 703-440-1361 or for more information.