Directors, Officers & Committee Chairs (FY2023):

  • President; Disclosure Packets: Cathy Turner
  • Executive Vice President; Chair of Architectural Committee: Mark Rubley
  • Vice President of Operations: Don Moore
  • Vice President of Community Relations: Beverly Druitt
  • Vice President of Communications; Webmaster: Jeff Baker
  • Vice President of Environmental Affairs: Teri Wilkie
  • Treasurer; Neighborhood Watch Coordinator: Paul Perrone
  • Secretary; Chair of Social Events Committee: Chesapeake Dalrymple
  • Assistant Treasurer: Dennis Turner
  • Newsletter Editor: Kay Wilkie
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Norm Johnson
  • Historian: Christine Hughes

Candidacy and Elections

All SCA property owners “in good standing” can submit their names to be placed on the election ballot for Board of Directors, in September of each year. Candidate information is published in a summer edition of the Saratoga Log, or by special announcement. Additional information can be found in the SCA Covenants and Bylaws. Elections are held at September’s annual membership meeting.