Governance & Compliance


The governing documents are attached to each property’s deed in the Saratoga subdivision, and they carry from owner to owner. Therefore, every Saratoga homeowner is a member of the SCA and is obligated to abide by the governing documents.

SCA Governing Documents:

Note: Anyone selling a single family home within Saratoga is required to order a disclosure packet; the documents linked to on this website do not satisfy this requirement. Disclosure packets contain the governing documents and other information that is required by law. The order form for disclosure packets is available online here.


The SCA is responsible for ensuring homeowners compliance with the SCA governing documents. This is currently accomplished with the assistance of the Architectural Review Committee.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

This committee reviews Saratoga properties for covenant violations, encroachments onto the common property, and other environmental issues facing the community. A property inspection document is provided by this committee to prospective home sellers.

Architectural Requests

Exterior property modifications must be reviewed and approved by SCA’s Architectural Review Committee. Please complete the Architectural Request Form and mail it to the address listed on the form; you may also fax the completed form to 703.455.8259.

Allow 30 days for the Architectural Review Committee to review your request. Do not start any exterior modifications prior to receiving this form back to you by mail.

For questions or comments regarding SCA governance and compliance, please contact the SCA Board of Directors.