Emergency Preparedness

Make a Plan

Emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. They can happen quickly and without warning, and they can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or require you to stay in your home.

It is vital that you understand what a disaster could mean for you and your family. Each person’s needs and abilities are different, but every individual can take important steps to prepare for all kinds of emergencies and to put plans in place. Get ready now.

For more information about emergency/disaster planning, visit www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/makeaplan

Get a Kit

Having an emergency supply kit is essential to making it through a disaster safely. Make sure to have supplies on hand to last each person at least three days.

For more information about building an emergency kit, visit www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/getakit

Stay Informed

Before, during and after a disaster, it is critical that you listen for the most local, up-to-date information from emergency officials. Local media will convey instructions from local, state and federal government partners.

For more information about staying informed, visit www.vaemergency.gov/readyvirginia/stayinformed

Additional Resources

Visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management‘s website for additional information, including downloadable brochures in English, Spanish, and other languages; newsletters and website articles; volunteer opportunities; local emergency alerts.